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Most of my art are spur of the moment things but I also do fan art, photography, comics, paper children and memes. At the moment I'm also writing two fan fictions and an original story.
So enjoy ^^




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United Kingdom
:iconmonkeyhiplz: Hi there

:iconyoyoteachplz:~About Me~:iconyoyoteachplz:

:iconahemplz: Most people call me Lis while some call me trouble or blondie
:iconmonkeylaughplz: I'm a random-rocker-gamer-nerd <-[that should be a real word lol xD] that loves animals, food and having a laugh
:iconmonkeythumbplz: I'm a Jehovah's Witness
:iconyoyovideogameplz: Consoles owned: PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, 3DS and Xbox 360
:iconmonkeyloveplz: I have 2 female cats: Sapphire and Fritter who I love dearly
:iconyoyothinkplz: I love drawing, reading books and manga, writing, gaming, watching films and anime
:iconyoyoeatplz: My fave food is cheesy spaghetti bolognese, why? coz it's pizza in noodle form so it's my 3 fave foods rolled in one lol xD
:iconnerdmonkeyplz: I love to learn and absorb information from pretty much anywhere, so I'm full of random useless facts that I spout out a lot
:iconyoyomagnifyplz: :iconipokeuall: This is my awesome life long friend who's practically my little sister who makes up the other half of the troublesome duo.
:iconmonkeywhoopsplz: I say things as it is and have no tact with my words so I can be impolite sometimes without realising, so if you ask me my opinion on something you'll get the truth without any sugar coating (this is a warning I give everyone)
:iconyoyohideplz: I'm a faving ninja, sorry but half the time I don't know what to say without sounding like a parrot

:iconyoyoblastoffplz:~Other Stuff~:iconyoyorapidpunchplz:

:iconmonkeyclap:Check out this awesome drawing :iconfrantoniorojas: did of my OCs for me ^^
free commssion Zarlu and Jessie by frantoniorojas
:iconnorequests: Surprisingly I've had a couple of requests from people I don't know. I'm flattered to have been asked, and they came as a big surprise, but I don't do requests for those I don't know personally, sorry.
:iconnocommissions: I don't do commissions either (not that I've been asked mind you) I have a busy life and I wouldn't be able to commit myself to things.
:iconyoyobowplz: Thanks for understanding.
:iconyoyociciplz: Giving a :iconllama-plz: is my way of saying thanks to those who watch me ^^

:icongrin--plz: :iconcrazyticplz: :icondurrhurrplz: :icono3oplz: :iconbarry2plz: :iconihappyloveitplz: :iconimanidiotplz: :iconpuppywantplz: :iconimretardedplz: :icongwahplz: :iconshaplz:
:iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz:
:icondancemonkeydanceplz: "Dance water, dance." lol xD

:iconyoyobyebyeplz: See ya, and thanks for checking out my profile.
Sitting Pretty by Loopy-Lass

My little George has been rehomed because Sapphire and Fritter kept fighting with her. I'm gonna miss the little fuzz ball but it's not fair to keep her here to get picked on every day. We're keeping contact with the lady that has had her, giving her tips on helping George settle in her new home. She's getting lots of love and cuddles from her new owner and already has them wrapped around her little paws lol xD This pic was taken on her last day with us.
  • Listening to: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
  • Reading: Fairy Tail manga
  • Watching: One Piece
  • Playing: Sonic Adventure 2
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Coffee


TOL: Debates by Loopy-Lass
TOL: Debates
I hate them, they're such a waste of time and breath going back and forth between people for ages when just one point can end it all. Plus they always end up turning into arguments and I'd rather not thanks.
FYI I'm NOT for animal testing, there's enough technology and knowledge these days so there's no need for it anymore, this was a class assignment where we were split between for and against and I was put on the for group.
Hehe I still won the debate for us though.

Sorry for my crappy handwriting with this one, my hand just decided it didn't want to write properly ^^;
Unicorn by Loopy-Lass
This was the result of a random conversation between me and a dude I know who lives in London.
On Instagram people were uploading screenshots of "(their name) is a" typed into the Google search bar and showiing what it suggests, Tim did his username as a joke (which came up with nothing) so I decided to do his nickname, Bob, for him and it came up with "Bob is a unicorn" and "Bob is forming an army" knowing Tim we thought this was hilarious and started talking about his army of unicorns. So yeah I took it upon myself to draw Tim as a unicorn rearing for battle xD

I based the design of the unicorn on a clydesdale horse and tried to make it look aggresive, don't think I quite pulled that off though.

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