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Most of my art are spur of the moment things but I also do fan art, photography, comics, poems, paper children and memes. At the moment I'm also writing two fan fictions and an original story.
So enjoy ^^




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United Kingdom
:iconmonkeyhiplz: Hi there

:iconyoyoteachplz:~About Me~:iconyoyoteachplz:

:iconahemplz: Most people call me Lis while some call me trouble or blondie
:iconmonkeylaughplz: I'm a random-rocker-gamer-nerd <-[that should be a real word lol xD] that loves animals, food and having a laugh
:iconmonkeythumbplz: I'm a Jehovah's Witness
:iconyoyovideogameplz: Consoles owned: PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, 3DS and Xbox 360
:iconmonkeyloveplz: I have 2 female cats: Sapphire and Fritter who I love dearly
:iconyoyothinkplz: I love drawing, reading books and manga, writing, gaming, watching films and anime
:iconyoyoeatplz: My fave food is cheesy spaghetti bolognese, why? coz it's pizza in noodle form so it's my 3 fave foods rolled in one lol xD
:iconnerdmonkeyplz: I love to learn and absorb information from pretty much anywhere, so I'm full of random useless facts that I spout out a lot
:iconyoyomagnifyplz: :iconipokeuall: This is my awesome life long friend who's practically my little sister who makes up the other half of the troublesome duo.
:iconmonkeywhoopsplz: I say things as it is and have no tact with my words so I can be impolite sometimes without realising, so if you ask me my opinion on something you'll get the truth without any sugar coating (this is a warning I give everyone)
:iconyoyohideplz: I'm a faving ninja, sorry but half the time I don't know what to say without sounding like a parrot

:iconyoyoblastoffplz:~Other Stuff~:iconyoyorapidpunchplz:

:iconmonkeyclap:Check out this awesome drawing :iconfrantoniorojas: did of my OCs for me ^^
free commssion Zarlu and Jessie by frantoniorojas
:iconnorequests: Surprisingly I've had a couple of requests from people I don't know. I'm flattered to have been asked, and they came as a big surprise, but I don't do requests for those I don't know personally, sorry.
:iconnocommissions: I don't do commissions either (not that I've been asked mind you) I have a busy life and I wouldn't be able to commit myself to things.
:iconyoyobowplz: Thanks for understanding.
:iconyoyociciplz: Giving a :iconllama-plz: is my way of saying thanks to those who watch me ^^

:icongrin--plz: :iconcrazyticplz: :icondurrhurrplz: :icono3oplz: :iconbarry2plz: :iconihappyloveitplz: :iconimanidiotplz: :iconpuppywantplz: :iconimretardedplz: :icongwahplz: :iconshaplz:
:iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz: :iconstickmandancing2plz:
:icondancemonkeydanceplz: "Dance water, dance." lol xD

:iconyoyobyebyeplz: See ya, and thanks for checking out my profile.
Sitting Pretty by Loopy-Lass

My little George has been rehomed because Sapphire and Fritter kept fighting with her. I'm gonna miss the little fuzz ball but it's not fair to keep her here to get picked on every day. We're keeping contact with the lady that has had her, giving her tips on helping George settle in her new home. She's getting lots of love and cuddles from her new owner and already has them wrapped around her little paws lol xD This pic was taken on her last day with us.
  • Listening to: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
  • Reading: Fairy Tail manga
  • Watching: One Piece
  • Playing: Sonic Adventure 2
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Coffee


Shinzo by Loopy-Lass
This is my other fan character for Wolf's Rain. His wolf form is based on a Eurasian Wolf crossed with a Gray Wolf. Drawn from a image of Kiba found on Google.

Name: Shinzo 
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Smart, confident, understanding, a great listener, brave and quite mature for his age.
Likes: Helping others, hunting and working things out.
Dislikes: Those that talk a lot.
Raised as a rouge, Shinzo learned to hunt from early on and was a brave young cub. One night he snuck out of the den to follow an unusual smell, as he got closer a hot orange glow could be felt and soon ash began to fall all around him. In a panic, he got caught on a tree root and inhaled some of the hot ash through his mouth, he tried to shout for his mum bt all he could muster was a little squeal. This was enough though for her to come to his rescue and leave the area entirely. The next day, his throat still sore, he still couldn't make much of a sound and when it finally healed his voice was completely gone. Growing up, he learned to communicate through gestures, snorts and huffs and became a great hunter thanks to his natural silence. Years later, while hunting, Shinzo and his mother, come across a strange pack of four wolves traveling through the canyon. Seeing that the pack was hungry and still has a long way to go, he convinces his mother to share their kill, which she complies to reluctantly. When Toboe introduces themselves, Shinzo notices something about his mother when she looks at Tsume, later on he asks (by using a head flick and questioning look towards Tsume) what is was about, to which she replies "the past" and he figures out who Tsume is. Shinzo doesn't like Hige at first simply because he tried flirting with his mother, but once he packed it in Shinzo and Hige get along quite well. While they journey with the guys, little moments trigger Tsume's memory and eventually he realises who they are and that Shinzo is his nephew, becoming more protective of him from then on.
His name Shinzo means heart and was given to him because he has the same personality 'heart' as his father.
Tsuyo by Loopy-Lass
This is my fan character for Wolf's Rain, Shinzo's mother. Her wolf form is based on a Eurasian Wolf. Drawn from an image of Blue found on Google.

Name: Tsuyo
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Personality: Strong, straightforward, self reliant, takes a while to fully trust others, has a kind, caring side that she only seems to show towards her son at first.
Likes: Hunting and challenges.
Dislikes: Idiots and being flirted with.
Long before the events of the search for paradise, Tsuyo was born in the same pack as Tsume. As cubs they played and were raised along with other cubs like brothers and sisters. As they became teenagers (in wolf standards), Tsuyo became close friends with Tsume and his brother, but her feeling towards his brother became much more therefore they committed a taboo. Tsuyo became pregnant to him infuriating the pack leader, who kills him for such. Fearing for her own life and that of her unborn cub, Tsuyo flees deserting her pack becoming a rouge wolf. Developing her skills for hunting solo, Tsuyo becomes an efficient huntress and able to catch all sorts of prey, keeping herself and raising her son strong & healthy. Years later, while hunting, Tsuyo and her son come across a strange pack of four wolves traveling through the canyon. Seeing that the pack was hungry and still has a long way to go, Tsuyo's son convinced her to share their kill, which she complies to reluctantly. When Toboe introduces themselves, Tsuyo recognises Tsume but doesn't say anything since he didn't recognise her at all, "Let past be past." she thought to herself. After they eat, Kiba tells them where they're going asking her if she knew the quickest way there, much to Tsume's annoyance and disagreement, Tsuyo and her son lead them to where they are headed. Hige tries to flirt with her at first but soon discovers that it's a dangerous thing to attempt when she threatens to rip his 'equiptment' off. While they journey with the guys, little moments trigger Tsume's memory and eventually he realises who she is, from then on Hige constantly teases Tsume saying he's in love and stuff just because he's a little nicer to her.
Her name Tsuyo means strength and was given to her because she was the strongest cub in the litter.

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